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The half-moon formed crown-protecting device, the ease of the dial, the open six and eight, the cushion-shaped case. I had never seen anything like this. I was told by a fantastic buddy and co-worker, who unfortunately passed away too early, that these watches were originally made for Italian commando frogmen, the very guys who devised underwater war fare throughout World War 2. Hearing this triggered a flashback to a long forgotten youth incident of mine. When I was a kid, my mom worked part time and I spent a day with an Italian family. This is how I learned to speak Italian flawlessly. Speaking Italian assisted me tremendously in solving the Panerai vintage straps replica watch puzzle, as nothing has been lost in translation when talking to relevant Italian people.

Coming back into the Italian family, I remember sitting in their window sill and surfing through piles (literally) of Italian comic books. Most were Wild West comics but a handful were all about Italian frogmen agents. I adored them! I must have been five years old at that moment. Isn’t it ironic, in a way I’d discovered vintage Panerai without even understanding. At some stage in the future, my father’s watches became the object of desire. I used to slip into my parent’s bedroom and play together, wind them, listen to them.

Coming back into Panerai, the air of these watches has followed me since my first encounter in 1998. My very first expensive mechanical watch, which I purchased brandnew in 1999, was a Breitling Navitimer Fighters though. This was a special variant of the Navitimer with a brushed case. For a reason, a chronograph was a more complete watch in my own opinion. My second mechanical watch was a Rolex Submariner 16800. A Panerai vintage dial replica became only my third watch. A second-hand Luminor Marina PAM 111 with painted dial out of 2005. In 2011, I exchanged this PAM with a fresh version of this 111 featuring a magical sandwich dial.

While doing online research in late 2012, I stumbled upon the Homageforum, a place where people shared their own experiences in constructing so-called homages of classic Panerai watches. An homage is a self explanatory replica. The goal is to get as close as possible to the actual thing. This may be compared to creating a car replica such as the Shelby Cobra for example. Most parts are custom-made however, the movements can be obtained from historical pocket watches or from alarm clocks in order to give it a suitable classic touch. You can’t imagine how many beautiful pocket watches were utilized as movement donors and ultimately destroyed in this process.

However, some guys on the forum understood how to convert motions , others the way to treat components like hands and dials to make them seem older. It was a fascinating discovery and motivated by the dynamics of the discussion, I attempted to assemble a total of three watches myself. I learned a whole lot from the process and it was fun making them the results were not satisfactory. These watches lack the most important feature of a classic Panerai vintage 3646 fake watch — the historic component, the very fact that the original watches were used as military resources during actual operations. In the conclusion of the afternoon, an homage watch is just a lie, no matter how accurate it is.

After my third attempt at building a wristwatch, I lost interest and instead, I started to research historic movements. Data of tens of thousands of Rolex, Cortebert and Angelus watches found their way to my databases. With the acquired knowledge, it slowly started to dawn on me dozens of supposedly original vintage Panerai watches had similarly converted movements like noticed around the Homageforum. This really freaked me out! Suddenly, I encountered a fuzzy line that I was not expecting to find and all kinds of bizarre and fascinating anomalies started to unfold. What to do for this volatile details? As a fervent Panerai vintage 74 strap clone enthusiast, I really did what I believed was right. I started publishing my findings on so as to inform collectors about what I had discovered.

My third post, in which I exposed a significant piece that was altered with a pocket watch movement along with a replaced dial, turned out to be pure dynamite. This very watch had been introduced in a famous book about classic Panerai by two highly respected German writers. The level of scrutiny I managed to bring to the table stunned senior members into the center. Not able to refute the evidence introduced, some members resorted to personal attacks in an attempt to stop me. My membership on the Homageforum was brought up against me. Shortly claims were made I was remote controlled by an ominous puppeteer, who’s sole goal was to ridicule senior Paneristi members in people. Jake Ehrlich, the writer and writer of Jake’s Rolex World aka, witnessed these attacks. He couldn’t feel that the members of said forum wouldn’t embrace my findings. Jake contacted me and we talked for hours.

But brief after, I was prohibited from for lifetime and to my total surprise, the moderators altered my post by removing crucial information like the case number from the original text. They also deleted a movie containing the case number of this opinion in question. An instance number lookup on Google would no longer result in my post. It became apparent that the inner circle of the group was trying to burry the reality. Ironically, their intention to close down me directed to idea for Perezcope, the very job that would fundamentally alter the classic Panerai world eternally. Perezcope has come a long way since that time. It has evolved to a signature in-depth search platform for Panerai vintage leather strap replica, Rolex and a number of different brands and is world famous for its unique horological forensics offering facts based on proof.