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Panerai PAM 111 Replica

Panerai 111 Swiss Eta Movement Imitation Review


30 days ago I traded a Z-serial, Rolex GMTII-C for a preowned, I-series Panerai 111 + money. I was actually enjoying the Rolex, however I caught myself at the bad habit of surfing Panerai watches on the web. A couple of weeks later the Rolex was gone and a PAM 111 was sitting beneath my wrist! This Panerai pam111 movement replica watch is much different than any other watch that I’ve owned. I’ve owned a Panerai earlier (PAM 164), but even it had been different. I’d become accustomed to attributes like date complications, automatic motions, and stainless steel necklaces, however the PAM 111 lacks all of those cushy features… and to be honest – I welcome the change!


The Panerai 111 is classified as a Historic Luminor Marina and can be a”step up” in the Base versions, which are no complications at all. I set”Step Up” in quotations since I am not comparing the desireablilty between the two models, but rather their amount of complications as well as their retail cost.

Every Panerai watch is limited in production. Only 2,500 PAM 111’s are made and sold each year. As a result of this, Panerai pam 111 lume replica watches have a high demand and often times sell within hours of making it to a display case. For example, I was in Las Vegas on vacation a few years back. I stopped by Tourneau at Caesars Palace – they allegedly sell more watches than any other watch shop in the USA. Their Panerai display cases were completely empty. I spoke with a sales woman and I had been told that they just had one Panerai in stock… and it was in the trunk. She stated they sell out of Panerai within two days of receiving their dispatch. I looked over to my left in which there were hundreds of Rolex watches for sale. I’m not knocking Rolex – everybody knows just how much I adore Rolex, however this helps paint a picture seeing Panerai’s supply and demand compared to other larger watch businesses. That is the reason Panerai watches have become so expensive in the past several years and that’s why they continue to increase in price/value in a steady rate.

The case size of this PAM 111 is 44mm. The situation is stamped from 316L stainless steel and is fully polished. The finish on a Panerai watch, whether polished or brushed is second to none. The case is water resistant to 300m, or roughly 1,000feet . The Panerai case has a great weight to it… it’s not too heavy… and it’s definitely not too mild. It has a strong presence on the wrist, while being a very comfy watch. The case is thick, so that it stands tall on the wrist, however, its large 44mm diameter keeps it stable and keeps it from wobbling from side to side.


Panerai watches were originally created for Italian Navy divers who took simple to read watches while submerged. As you can see, they are very easy to read over water, as I’m certain they are underwater as well. The dial reads Luminor, as it belongs to the Panerai pam 111 specs imitation watch Luminor family. The dial also exhibits the term Marina, which suggests that it’s outfitted with a hand. You will also notice that the word Automatic is missing beneath the Panerai name, as this watch doesn’t include an automatic movement.

This particular 111 includes a sandwich dial, meaning that it’s a multi-layered dial. A luminous layer sits beneath the upper, black coating, where the numerals and hour indeces have been cut out. I like the sandwich dial, nevertheless the painted dials are very nice as well. Painted dials are only available on elderly 111s (F, E, G series). All of PAM 111s after the G-series possess a sandwich dial.

The sub-seconds hand on the PAM 111 is located at the 9 oclock position. It is different from what you find on different watches, which I love very much. The seconds hand moves in a sweeping movement and defeats 21,600 alternations/hour, or 6 alternations/second. The seconds hand is painted white and contains a luminous material (Luminova), which enables it to be seen in the dark. The white paint makes it effortless to see through the day. The minute and hour hands are painted black, which helps it blend into the simple, yet elegant dial of the PAM 111. Like the seconds hand, these two hands also contain Luminova, allowing them to be easily viewed in the dark, as well as adding comparison between the hands and the dial during the day time.

Panerai included the swan’s neck regulator and redesigned the bridges. Panerai also improved the power reserve. When fully wound, the energy book of the movement is roughly 56 hours, or 2 1/2 days. I analyzed the power reserve in my PAM 111 and it conducted 55:54 before coming to a stop, which is only 6 minutes shy about the advertised power reserve. I have read reports of other people’s PAM 111s lasting provided that 58+ hours, which is truly impressive. The OP XI motion is a Certified Chronometer based on the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres), which guarantees that the movent to be precise within -4/+6 seconds within a 24hr time period. The opinion is accompanied by a COSC certificate which includes the evaluation results obtained from the watches precise motion. The bridges on older PAM 111s (F, E, G string ) were decorated with the stamped PANERAIPANERAIPANERAI, which I like to the more contemporary”Côtes de Genève” decoration.


Winding the PAM 111 is an absolute joy! It only takes a minute to completely wind the motion. Often times I flip the watch over to watch the gears turn because I slowly wind the watch. I don’t think doing so will ever get old. The only bad issue isn’t about the winding crown, but instead the crown guard surrounding it. The physical look of the crown shield restricts the total amount of rotation you’re able to get on the crown through twisting. You may need to turn the crown 2-3 days before actually making one complete rotation. I hope this makes sense. It is certainly not something which disturbs me, but it is something which I’ve noticed and needs to be noted.

The crown-guard onto a Panerai pam111 discontinued clone Luminor is quite unique and has become a very recognized part of a Panerai watch. Aside from the little ring enclosing the sapphire, see-though case-back, the crown guard is the only visible portion of the watch that is not highly polished. On the contrary, it has a brushed finish to help reduce finger prints/smudges/scratches which can be caused when winding the eye on a regular basis. This is a detail that I appreciate along with also the contrast against the polished case looks magnificent. Inside the crown guard the winding crown is fastened by a small lever, which must be discharged before winding the eye or placing the minute/hour hands. For some reason I’m interested with the lever and it’s always a pleasure releasing/engaging it every few days when twisting the crown.


The PAM 111 includes 2 straps; 1 brown leather strap plus 1 black rubber strap. Both are extremely comfortable and readily fit an average sized wrist. The black rubber strap should be worn when entering the water. Each strap is fastened by 2 screws, which can easily be removed by using the little Panerai luminor marina pam111 replica watch screwdriver that’s included with the opinion. Be cautious of scratches – it is very easy to scratch the polished lugs of a Panerai due to not being careful while performing strap changes. Like many other Panerai watches, the 111 does not come with a stainless steel bracelet.

The PAM 111 also comes with a personalized buckle and not a deployant, which can be found on more expensive models. It should be noted that only 1 buckle is included with the eye, and so the screwdriver has to be used to swap the buckle between both OEM straps. I think it would have been fine for Panerai to include a second buckle considering the current MSRP of the PAM 111.

I am really enjoying this opinion! I adore the simplicity of this dial, the uniqueness of its own shape, and how it melts back at me whenever I check the time. This is my next Panerai watch, however I seem to get a better appreciation for the newest this time around. I can not say that I will never flip this particular watch, afterall I’m a recovering flipaholic, but I do believe I will be sticking with the Panerai brand until I have the capital for a second watch, which will unquestionably be a Rolex of some sort. Thanks for reading my review! I hope you found it both informative and entertaining.