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Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Replica

Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio PAM561 High End Imitation Watch Review

From a purely military standpoint, wearing a white dial dive watch on a mission could possibly cause your fellow commando soldiers to smack you in the back of the head. But what exactly the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio PAM561 lacks in historical precision and stealth capabilities it constitutes by being one of the cheaper, in-house-movement-equipped and refreshing-looking options in a sea of boring black and blue dial watches.

I chose the PAM561 especially because I wanted to critique a Panerai luminor 8 days rose gold replica watch that is not a clear decision but something one could in fact wind up considering after taking a look at the present manufacturing line-up of the brand. Clad in a 44mm-wide Luminor case, it’s a simple, legible, and among Panerai watches, competitively priced offering which also packs a unusual hand-wound, in-house-made movement having an 8-day power reserve.

Aesthetics & Wearability
Being the simple watch it is, there is not much pizzazz to become distracted by. But that just means that the fewer number of more prominent elements need to work together with the greater — and, with one notable gripe notwithstandingthey do.

The perfectly curved bezel looks equally elegant and masculine, although the cushion-shaped situation with its tall profile (unlike the sloped 1950 version ) and directly lugs works in brilliant harmony with it. The PAM561 includes a fully polished case which is not as impressive as exteriors with alternating finishings may be: it’s is in fact a glistening mass of steel with no sharp angles, complicated corners and edges, or especially fascinating details anywhere. It is that your bog-standard Luminor case that is attractive as a complete and at a glance, but not for its selfishly complicated intricacies.

Of both minor details I would still point out that go beyond mere proportions, first is how the four corners of the middle case are curved downwards, which takes the borders of the corners off and makes them better match the curved dial and bezel. The second is that the profile of this crown shield — not something many would look at. Its underside side is completely flat to keep it as high above the wrist as possible (though at times, it will dig into the skin), while its upper part is tilted upward, towards the wearer. This, you don’t necessarily realize when looking at the watch at a slight angle, but it does add more sophistication to the over-60-year-old military design.

Speaking of the component, strangely enough, Panerai luminor 8 days ceramic gmt fake watches decided to add a fully satin-finished crown shield on the completely glossy instance. This is not something which would stand out immediately at first look, but once seen was not something that I could really get used to within the few weeks together with all the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio PAM561. This decorative element is sort of similar to an exaggerated take on alternating finishing. I will say that, from afar, I found it maybe adds a higher quality look than that which the PAM561 would have experienced with a polished crown shield to go with the reflective case. It is not a manufacturer or breaker of the aesthetics but instead something that I think is a bit strange at first, but ultimately, justified.

Typical Panerai treats include the reassuringly snappy crown shield lever — which I needed to fiddle with whenever I had a short moment to spare in a queue or on public transport. It’s something that I find myself reaching for and disappointedly not finding following strapping on other watches. Also appreciated was that the 24mm lug width that opens up a virtually infinite supply of strap choices.

The black”Calf Monte Carlo” leather strap the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio PAM561 is provided with is of adequate quality, but nothing notable that could add or remove from its general look and belief. If anything, this black-on-black option I think is a bit secure and boring, particularly as this white dial variation is all about more vibrant colours and forcing regular, secure aesthetics to the side a little. Apart from looks, wearability is as great as it’s with a Panerai, as the watch is kept firm and secure as a result of the ample width, thickness, and rigidity of the strap along with its massive, Panerai-marked pin buckle.

Dial & Legibility (& My Only Gripe)
The dial is much more peculiar not just in its color but also in its markings, together with Arabic numerals all around (unlike your more typical Panerai dials that just have numerals for 12, 3, 6, and 9 with baton markers anyplace else) plus an additional and, again, rarer 60-minute monitor on the periphery. The numerals aren’t lumed, just the palms and the pips on the periphery of the dial are.

The black numerals along with the black painted palms with their off-white (however not faux vintage!) Center contrast beautifully against the sharp white dial — the lume pips and the center of the hands turn clearly green even when it is bright outside, the famously excellent Panerai luminor 8 days titanium replica watch review lume is so powerful. Stay indoors for more, though, and as the lume discharges (and doesn’t receive much control from ambient lights), these elements go back to being white.

Everlastingly very good color comparison apart, however, the only two hands around the PAM561 are just way too brief. I noticed that in official images but even during the delight of unpacking a newly received review unit, they stood out to me too short — and, frankly, I really don’t see why this was necessary. The second hand falls way short of the trail it is by definition supposed to achieve, along with the hour sometimes just looks”missing” in the ocean of white, coming in way too brief to be even remotely close to the outer edge of the dial (it barely reaches halfway across).

With that, on the movement we go: dubbed the P.5000, it’s but one of Panerai’s logically expanding range of in-house motions and pretty much the most affordable among them. It contains two series-coupled mainspring barrels that collectively supply 8 days worth of electricity reserve, though you do just get a 3 Hertz operating frequency. I presume to some extent that is in line with a few movements Panerai luminor 8 days black replica used ages ago, but in fact, here it really is about stretching that power book as much as possible. Bumping up the frequency from 21,600 into 28,800 beats per hour would have meant a few days less between the necessity of hand-winding the movement.

Talking of which, I timed it to get you men out of fascination: it takes approximately one minute and 45 seconds to completely wind a stopped motion — and boyis that a good deal of winding! Winding isn’t among the pleasurable experiences the PAM561 could provide, either. As the crown hardly extends across the airplane of the concave surface of the crown guard, you have to go and grab hold of the crown countless times while the sharp edge of the guard itself along with the coined edge of the crown make matters somewhat less comfortable.

The motion itself is in line with Panerai manufacture grade aesthetics: it’s rugged first, intriguing second, and lovely third. It’s among the very rugged-looking calibers on the market, with just one enormous plate covering the equipment train and the 2 barrels, and a single bridge that holds the balance wheel protected. Deep underneath it, near the barrel, is the center wheel while nearer to the balance wheel, and again deep in the guts of this movement, is the fourth wheel and the escapement.

The balance wheel itself is of a free-sprung structure, meaning its precision is corrected through the old-school and clearly more elegant means of variable moment of inertia screws at the periphery of the balance wheel. Panerai luminor 8 days set clone clarifies that the bridge behind the balance is fixed by two screws beneath which are threaded rings that turn in both directions. The objective of this is to adjust the”end-shake” of the equilibrium staff pivots. This technical solution assists the escapement to continue running more easily in the event of shocks.

All the finishing appears to be machine-produced, however, the edges of these plates and the countersinks are nicely beveled and polished nevertheless — adding a bit of flair to an otherwise quite technical looking motion. Texts are in blue and are very tastefully done in comparatively small, discreet letters — and yet this still contrasts nicely against the subtle, horizontal brushed ending of the plates.

Overall, the P.5000 is a developed taste in the sense that it does not at all want to be the prettiest, most shockingly good-looking movement out there — but, on a personal note, a part of me is happy about that and I appreciate that Panerai seems to have thought this through and proceeded with something that complements their army styling and legacy more. The P.5000 also contains an impressively low number of components at just 127 in total.


Sticking with the P.5000, Panerai has a vast array of options into the PAM561 including the exact same watch with a black dial (PAM560) in addition to a titanium-clad model (PAM562) for CHF 600 more. Obviously, the exact same motion is packed to the PAM563 which is essentially the exact same watch only using a running seconds sub-dial at nine — it even has the exact same part count for the movement, it is just that the dial has an opening for those moments pinion to come through and has a hand installed onto it. It’s a good CHF 500 costlier which is quite a lot for the exact same movement and just an additional complication — but the expression of the watch does change to something considerably more complicated by it.

In the event you desire this movement and case dimensions but with vintage styling, the PAM590 is your option, however, the P.5000 comes in the 45mm Radiomir case for exactly the identical price (CHF 5,700). All this is to say you have an unusually large number of choice options to the PAM561 making it easier (or more difficult?) To locate one that matches your preference more. Add to the the innumerable strap choices and you do get a mind-numbing number of variations — perhaps a couple too many, also.


Overall, the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Acciaio PAM561 is a fun, maybe exciting watch in the Panerai Luminor secure and I would not mind wearing for an even more extended time period. This mentioned, I do not think it’s everything going for it to be a keeper, similar to a refreshing addition which you wear and then sell to move onto another Panerai that tickles your fancy — since that’s often how it works, which is not always a terrible thing.