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Panerai PAM700 Replica

Panerai PAM700 LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech Swiss Movement Knock Off Watch

Looking back in the last few decades, Officine Panerai has been taking a step ahead and flexing its innovative muscles with a few interesting technological creations. Last year they made the PAM578, a ceramic tourbillon bit by using 3D printing. This year they used this amazing throw carbon including material in the Panerai PAM700 LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech. This PAM700 doesn’t stop there in terms of technological advancements for the historic Italian manufacturer.

Though it uses the identical Carbotech that we’ve seen before, it’s the blend of the remaining features that makes this specific SIHH 2017 novelty unlike any other Panerai that’s been released.

Lets start with what looks like a standard black dial because actually it’s nothing close to normal. The Panerai lab-id pam700 replica watch LAB-ID utilizes carbon nanotubes to accomplish a deep black dial. This top layer of the dial covers the Super-LumiNova, which in this view is an electric blue color, producing the sandwich dial which was devised by Panerai. This is the first time we have seen such a color used for a Panerai Lume. With the combination of the deep black dial, when illuminated the PAM700 almost looks like an LED display.


One thing you’ll discover that is not only the dial when you find this beauty in person is that the words Officine Panerai and LAB-ID aren’t printed on the actual dial. As it isn’t feasible to publish or stamp a dial using the nanotube coating, all of this text is really shaped on the crystal and ended off with a double anti-reflective coating.

At the show, the PAM700 slowly became known as the 50-50-50 watch since there are just 50 units of this particular edition being made, will cost 50,000 Euro, and will come with an unheard of 50-year warranty. I know you want to know how they could make such a claim and back it up perfect? Well there are lots of amazing developments that Panerai submersible pam 700 fake watches uses from the LAB-ID’s motion that make it possible.

The Panerai PAM700 LAB-ID utilizes a P.3001/C hand wound in house movement and features a 3-day power reserve. This is the first time that this particular movement was presented with a semi-skelotonized layout. Add to the gorgeous design the simple fact that there is no extra lubrication and just 4 complete jewels within this movement and you have a breakthrough of epic proportions. There are 4 big advancements that permit the Panerai luminor pam 700 replica watches PAM700 to have a liquid lubrication free movement permitting it to not require a major provider, overhauling the movement, and guaranteeing the piece for 50 years.

This technologically advanced P.3001/C movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back which introduces a view into the power reserve indicator. By skeletonizing the bridges and barrels it makes it easier to admire such an wonderful work of art.

I did want to mention 1 thing which I found out while speaking to the minds of this Panerai radiomir pam 700 replica Manufacture on my recent visit there. During the series everybody was asking me if the opinion needed to ever be sent in for support during the 50 decades. I didn’t have the initial answer but after speaking to them that they did make me aware that they advocate having the opinion looked at each 6 years. This is only for them to really check the gaskets on the lookout not the true movement. So while there is no need to inspect the actual motion, they do want to make sure the integrity of their water immunity is set up since gaskets will naturally dry as time passes.

Using a high price point and limited production run, the Panerai PAM700 will not have the ability to make it in the hands of everyday PaneraiĀ  carbotech PAM700 clone watch owners. With all the R&D that moved into the creation of an amazing motion as well as ultra black dial, it might have been nice to have seen a number of these features in a regular production piece. I guess we might have to wait to see a few of those combinations in a normal production run Panerai, but one of the features such as the dial along with lume combo or non compacted motion would be fine for me at a piece that is within in reach. I guess we might have to wait a little before we could see it but I’m rather sure that it could be an immediate winner if it hit the production line.

All in all the PAM700 is a great display of the current technological progress that PaneraiĀ regatta PAM700 replica has been producing from Neuchatel. It is almost to state to the watch community that we can innovate and push the boundaries with the best of these and I think they’re doing a great job of it. Is it for everybody, probably not. Is it impressive that which they have managed to do? 100%.